Real Effectiveness

Introducing: The Emerson Suite

The Emerson Suite is a mobile, management toolkit and proven coaching methodology that progressively helps you be a more effective leader-manager.


Be Your Personal Best. 


Respond With Real Effectiveness.


Be Change-Capable.

Leadership Coaching. Mobilized.

Effectiveness Coaching features ‘The Emerson Suite’.

The Emerson Suite (TES) is a proven 12-month coaching program designed to help you accelerate results and achieve high performance.

Develop the discipline required for Effective Leadership through job clarity, situation leadership, effective behaviour practices and change agenda tracking.

Managers and executives from around the globe have been using this program for over forty years.

The Effectiveness Coaching program includes

  • 3D Personal Style Profile Self-Assessment
  • 3D Multi-Rater Style Plan 360º Assessment.

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Real Effectiveness. Mobilized.

You’ll gain awareness of and increase behavioural effectiveness through situational sensitivity, situational management and style flexibility.

Shift perspective from style to performance. 

Be highly effective and achieve your career ambitions.

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Lucy Shenouda - PCC, CPCC, ORSCC 
CEO/Leadership Coach

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