There is no denying it we are all touched by unhealthy stress!

Slow down and catch your breath. Join us for a 6 week online Stress Management Program, November 6 – December 15, 2017. Learn the neuroscience behind unhealthy stress.

Discover effective ways to re-set and re-boot your resources, energy and focus.

R&R For Life

R&R for Life is a Stress Management Program hosted onsite or offsite, customized to your needs.

R&R is designed to equip you with vital strategies and practices to shift from a reactive to a resilient and resourceful mindset. You’ll deepen understanding of the impact of workplace stress and discover effective ways to cut through daily stressors with heightened awareness, new perspectives and practical tools. Unlike other stress management programs focused primarily on giving advice, we integrate a coaching approach with a focus on fostering resilience and self-leadership.

We are all touched by unhealthy stress, by echoes of a time gone past. This program is designed to build resilience and resourcefulness, to reset and reboot, to release and receive. Join us in conversation on integrating daily practices and strategies to easily flex between work and life.

Reclaim the Lost Art of Rest and Resilience

Grail Springs Weekend Retreat - Bancroft, Ontario

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Improve Your Work-Life Balance With Some R&R


Build awareness of good, bad and excessive stress


Heighten capacity to navigate an overactive brain


Shift from being hijacked by stress to taking charge


Build on and reclaim your resilience muscle.

Why R & R for Life

Impact on Personal and Organizational Health

According to the latest estimates in the United Kingdom (UK), losses due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety amounted to the equivalent of 9.9 million days, representing forty-three per cent of all working days lost due to ill-health during the period 2014/2015. – The International Labour Organization’s report “Workplace Stress-A Collective Challenge”

In the relentless busyness of life in the 21st century, many in the western world have lost the rhythm between work and rest. 

At a time when levels of unhealthy stress and burnout are accelerating, we instill vital strategies and practices to shift from a reactive to a resourceful mindset. Using a wide range of interactive learning exercises, our approach enhances knowledge, insight, intention and skill in stress management. You’ll reset and reboot with more poise and composure when faced with excessive stress.

Reclaim the Lost Art of Rest and Resilience.

Win the inner tug-o-war. Re-energize your mind, body and spirit to thrive and contribute in a world that longs for a different way of working and living.

R&R for Life is for those in search of a better way to overcome work-related stress impacting daily job performance and effectiveness.

Why Join Us?

You are looking to cut through daily stressors, overwhelm, anxiety and overall unhealthy patterns in thinking and behaviour. You are looking to be alert and present in all parts of your life. It’s absolutely critical for personal wellbeing and workplace health to improve in these areas.

Build resilience to daily stressors.

Return to your natural balance.

Live in presence and awareness.

Easily flex from work to rest.

Facilitated By

Our Facilitators

Lucy Shenouda

As an innovator and entrepreneur, Lucy provides team leadership, operational know-how and marketing expertise. She brings laser-like focus to coaching conversations, fostering a resilient and resourceful mindset and culture.

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Indy Batth

Indy integrates the latest in neuroscience and emotional intelligence, taking an inside-out approach to personal, social and professional transformation in a world desperate for a different way of being.

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Sylvia Abergil

Sylvia awakens and inspires people to step into their self-authority, to embrace the full expression of their true self while bringing heightened awareness to the power and potential of human relationships.

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