Strengths Coaching

Introducing: Strengths-Based Leadership

The idea that there is one way, one style to lead is a concept of the past. Today, effective leadership is maximized through knowing and applying our unique strengths.


Be Your Personal Best. 


Respond With Real Effectiveness.


Be Change-Capable.

Leadership Coaching. Strengths-Based.

The Four Dimensions of Leadership

This program introduces Gallup’s ‘Strengths-Based Leadership’ (SBL) methodology in identifying the top 5 strength themes and how they apply to the four domains of leadership strength. Learn and apply the opportunities, values, needs and challenges of followers, titled leaders and collective leadership.

What does the research say? “The most effective leaders are always investing in strengths. In the workplace, when an organization’s leadership fails to focus on individuals’ strengths, the odds of an employee being engaged are a dismal 1 in 11 (9%). But when an organization’s leadership focuses on the strengths of its employees, the odds soar to almost 3 in 4 (73%). When leaders focus on and invest in their employees’ strengths, the odds of each person being engaged goes up eightfold.

Leader and Team Effectiveness

Tapping your strengths allows you to be at your personal best, to bring out your full potential. When your full potential shines, this inspires others, your peers and team. Emotions are contagious. The more we bring out our strengths, the more likely we’ll show up happy and self-confident. We show up strong and inspire others to do the same – quite often indirectly, naturally and unconsciously.
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Lucy Shenouda - PCC, CPCC, ORSCC 
CEO/Leadership Coach

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