It’s the twenty-first century’s sweet sixteen.

From our vantage point as change leadership coaches, we are in awe as we witness the leaders and organizations we work with on the verge of transformation.

We notice leaders and organizations on the edge of change are acting like teenagers! Delightfully rebellious and disruptive one moment, as they separate from an old culture to create and connect to a new way of being. Demurely lost and unsure the next, as they go through the emotional upheaval and energy-sapping work as the brain processes change. From super cool to super awkward, we see the whole range – often all in one leader, one organization, and one day.

As parents of millennium babies we know all about teenagers and sweet sixteen.

On one side of the world, the eve of the millennium brought three million Londoners – including Kerry – to congregate along Old Father Thames.

No river of fire. Murky and assured, the river flowed on. It was our faces that lit up along with the sky.

In a cloud of smoke with charred debris drifting down upon our heads, I revelled in the slow motion afterglow. The exuberance of mass celebration warmed for most by liquid gold.

And within me, possibility. A flutter. For the quickening was upon me. I was a mother.

On the other side of the world, the eve of the millennium brought hopes of a Y2K family reunion in Egypt, a congregation of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, first and second cousins.

The promise of reuniting among family we know and family we don’t know. A group of over eighty eager to witness and share experiences in the land of our ancestors. Egypt. The majestic sights of the River Nile, museums, tombs, temples and Red Sea beaches.

I am in awe of the opportunity to bring four family generations together from across the globe at the turn of the millennium. A landmark feat for a landmark year. How apt! Living in the ancient lands of my roots for only four years now. I am home.

I am eager to welcome family from afar; to witness the wonder of ancient and modern sights, sounds and tastes. And, I am eager to welcome my new born, my miracle child. Within me lives hope emergent, flutters of life and joy. I will be a mother once again.

In celebration of the century’s sweet sixteen, we look at sixteen change leadership insights. Insights that are essential for transformational change, whether you’re a teenager that’s sweet sixteen (Happy seventeenth year Lana and Joseph!), or a corporate teenager, otherwise known as a change leader!

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