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Our coaches and specialists are experts in designing and facilitating programs that cut through the clutter. We have hands-on experience and practice in transforming brands, business performance, team effectiveness and leadership excellence.

Lucy Shenouda - PCC, CPCC, ORSCC

Lucy Shenouda - PCC, CPCC, ORSCC

Principal - Executive & Leadership Coach

Superpower: Authoritatively Playful

Lucy Shenouda is a trusted business leader in the fields of marketing and organizational transformation. Lucy has supported leader-managers across three continents as a marketing manager, team leader and coach. With over thirty years experience strengthening organizational performance and bottom-line results, she has gained deep understanding of the complexity and challenges facing businesses today. Lucy believes an insatiable thirst for learning is her key to success. She fosters the most important conversations leading to real effectiveness and business growth. Lucy is a loving wife and mother, a global nomad, a proficient writer, with a passion for exploring the human condition

 Kerry Woodcock – PhD, CPCC, ORSCC

Kerry Woodcock – PhD, CPCC, ORSCC

Leading Change Specialist

Superpower: Story Weaver

Kerry Woodcock amplifies the power of relationship — with self, others, and the world. A change leader, collaborative innovator, and story weaver, she coaches leaders, teams and complex-social systems to develop powerful relationships that lead change, collaborate to innovate, and weave stories that connect us all. She brings twenty years of experience with corporate, government and not-for-profit organizations in a variety of sectors, including Energy, Public Service and Natural Resources in Canada, UK and Tanzania. Kerry is a weave of quirky playful spirit, with a heart of courageous vulnerability, a head that is quick to see patterns of meaning, and gutsy passion with purpose. British-born, she lives in Canada with her family and the world as her playground.

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Steven Levecque – CEC

Steven Levecque – CEC

Executive Coach

Superpower: Rock Steady

Steven Levecque has extensive experience in creating national conflict management systems, executive coaching, conflict coaching, ombuds work, designing and facilitating mediator training, and conducting group interventions. He is a skilled facilitator, coach, mediator and trainer with significant experience in designing and delivering complex initiatives and developing high performing teams. Steven is a recognized leader in the fields of Values & Ethics, Whistleblowing and Conflict Management who was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for his work in those areas. Recently, Steven was awarded the CBSA President’s Award for Management Excellence in the creation of the CBSA Code of Conduct, seen as a benchmark product among law enforcement organizations.

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Indy Batth - MA, CEC, CNTC

Indy Batth - MA, CEC, CNTC

Neuroscience Coach & Facilitator

Superpower: Light Dancer

Integrating the latest in neuroscience and emotional intelligence, Indy engages clients in powerful, heart-centered conversations that cultivate health and wellbeing, inspire social change, tap into potential and passion, and open up new perspectives and possibilities. With over 20 years of experience working with leaders at all levels, Indy is deeply committed to exploring diversity and inclusion, authentic leadership, transition and change, and wellbeing. She has been called a compassionate change catalyst, and takes an inside-out approach to personal, social and professional transformation in a world desperate for a different way of being. Indy is a Certified Executive Coach, with advanced training as a Neuro-Transformational Coach. She is the Director of ikb Coaching & Consulting.

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Sylvia Abergil - ORSCC

Sylvia Abergil - ORSCC

Relationship Coach

Superpower: Spirit Warrior

Over twenty years, Sylvia has established sustainable ongoing corporate relationships as a consultant and entrepreneur, built solely through referrals. Sylvia’s experience, creativity, heart, insights, deep passion for diversity, combined with her unique training and intervention skills brings heightened awareness to the power and potential of human relationships. She fosters visioning and understanding of what really matters and how to effectively address conflict and difference with immediate, sustainable results. Sylvia awakens and inspires people to step into their self-authority, to embrace the full expression of their true SELF. Sylvia is an accredited Relationship Systems Coach/Facilitator; Spiritual Teacher/Mentor and Reiki Master.

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Beth Craig

Beth Craig

Marketing Director

Superpower: Connecting the Dots

Beth Craig excels at framing marketing strategies around business and sales objectives. She is in her element pulling together marketing plan essentials to improve customer relationships and drive profit. The importance of the human connection is front and centre throughout research stage, concept design, sales training; ultimately delivering results. Beth’s wealth of marketing expertise is grounded in over 25 years of leadership in B2B environments with Webcom book manufacturer, GM Europe brand management, Scholastic Books and Ipsos Reid market research. She tracks the latest marketing trends, helping clients stay on top of what is needed to engage customers, excite sales teams and measure results.

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Lucy Shenouda - PCC, CPCC, ORSCC 
CEO/Leadership Coach

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