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At FosterEssence, we partner with Internal Coaches, H.R., L&D Specialists & their leaders and teams to think and act systemically and to revitalize productivity in teams. We provide leadership and team development services, including leadership coaching, team coaching and meeting facilitation.

We hold a core belief… “More often than not, life is simpler than we make it out to be.” Emergent from this belief is our working philosophy and mission:

“Fostering essential conversations that disrupt workplace complacency. Getting to the heart of what really matters.”

Where there is conflict, let’s cultivate space for voices to be heard, for creativity and innovation to emerge organically and systemically.

Where there is misalignment, let’s listen and receive to share observations and perspectives to cultivate a multiple stakeholder approach connected with shared purpose.

Where there is chaos, let’s slow down the frenzy to connect to what’s most important for focus and progress.

We help you re-imagine business to discern clarity where there’s uncertainty, to glean purpose where there are gaps, and to make the best of the unexpected. You’ll find resilience and agility in our work together. So, let’s begin…

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Lucy Shenouda

Lucy Shenouda

Principal & Head Coach

Superpower: Bold with Grace

Lucy’s enduring passion is exploring the human condition. She strives to dive deep into the mysteries of the human experience towards cultivating best thinking, creativity and resilience.

As a global citizen, Lucy has lived and worked across three continents. Over a 25-year career, she supported Fortune 500 / Global 500 leaders with branding and marketing expertise. As a Professional Coach, Lucy provides leadership coaching, team coaching and meeting facilitation in support of strategic foresight and value-creation. Her lived experience adapting across cultures, diverse environments and challenging circumstances sets the foundation for supporting global clients in reaching their highest potential while navigating their biggest challenges.

Lucy cultivates conversations on resilient leadership, team literacy, and cultural competence. She is a staunch champion of fostering stellar team cultures and brand experiences across diverse stakeholders.

From a young age, Lucy is a writer and artist. She’s a connector and strategist, and mother of two adult boys. 


Mary Murphy Hodgson

Mary Murphy Hodgson

Coach & Consultant

Superpower: Cultivates Connection to the Unspoken

Mary is fascinated by people and our innate creative abilities. Whether coaching individuals, helping a group to form innovative partnerships, or working with existing teams to illuminate new possibilities, creativity is what drives her. Mary’s breath of professional and life experience creates an open and warm, yet focused, environment conducive to transformation.

Mary’s coaching clients work in a wide range of industries sectors as well as organizational structures; from Tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, to small Non-Profits. The common element is the desire to be open to a co- creative process to influence a more meaningful future.

Mary’s career has also spanned the spectrum: small, large, for-profit, and not-for profit organizations, in both internal leadership and consulting positions. She began her career in public accounting and held senior leadership positions in the not-for-profit healthcare sector for over 20 years before transitioning into coaching.

Mary graduated from Providence College, is a Certified Public Accountant, an International Coaching Federation Certified Coach and holds a number of other certifications in topics such as Positive Psychology, Applied Positive Psychology, Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching and Change Management. These skills woven together create flexible yet well tested frameworks through which each client’s underlying beliefs, values and strengths can be leveraged to  drive results.

We help you navigate your most pressing workplace challenges and activate tangible strategies for driving value creation.

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