Letting go, Not Giving Up

It is a long and winding road. The road of achievement. The road of relationship. The road of self-worth.  I am on that winding road right now. So much has changed so quickly, so suddenly. My mind is spinning with the paradoxes.  What’s gone wrong?  So much.  Where...

Through the Looking Glass

I step through the looking glass. Life is not what it seems. Or is it? I feel as though we step through the looking glass every day in our ever-changing world. Global events turn life upside down for some, right side up for others. Seven years ago, at a turning point...

A Red Mug

I ask him for a cup. He smiles as he hands me a mug. A red mug, at that! For a moment, for just a few seconds, I pause. I slow down.  I reflect. A cup, not a mug. I am given something other than what I ask for, what I expect, what I assume is right for me. In the...

Echoes of a Time Gone Past

I am haunted by reverberating echoes in my mind. The type of echoes that draw me inward. Echoes of past regrets and burdensome worries. I feel weighed down. I feel overly stressed. I realize that this is a familiar feeling. I’ve been here before. Different and yet the...

From our Mind to our Heart

One of the longest journeys one can take is from our mind to our heart. Many of us live our lives allowing our minds to guide us through life’s challenges. We inadvertently make life more difficult than it has to be. From a young age, we absorb the attitudes, limiting...

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Lucy Shenouda - PCC, CPCC, ORSCC 
CEO/Leadership Coach

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