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Business Coaching keeps you exploring and strengthening your business with real-world strategies and practices.
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Brand Effectiveness. Realized.

What can you do to really grow your brand amidst a cluttered and over-stimulated marketplace? We are all affected by the deadlines, pressures and distractions of every day life!

During Business Coaching, we bring focus and attention on building strong, healthy and consistent brands. We bring a heightened awareness of words and language, ensuring brand connections are clear. We inspire an expression of your brand in terms of you and your team’s unique ‘superpowers’, these are your brand’s unique contributions to your profession, industry and community.

Our work together is co-created and focuses on brand essence and brand expressions. The clarity of purpose and authenticity in messaging is provided through building relevant brand profiles and brand communication strategies. We ensure your brand profile is clear, concise and ready to be briefed to web designers, print designers, photography/videography services, social media networks and others.

There is flexibility and spontaneity in our work together so we foster creativity and clarity. Our Business Coaching programs are a unique blend of coaching, opening the space for your own creativity, and mentoring, thereby facilitating the application of best business and brand practices.

Our Business Coaching program is designed to get you out of the weeds of the day-to-day grind, and into action. You’ll learn business success strategies and practices to apply right away – from brand fundamentals to brand mastery! Business Coaching brings you real-world strategies and practices to building a relevant, meaningful and differentiating brand. Shift from being reactive to being proactive.

Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct.™



Realize your brand’s full potential.

Create a resonant and effective brand profile.

Be on the track of success!

Program Impact

The programs offered by FosterEssence have had a huge impact on my business. Participating in the Mastermind group has given my business a clear direction and has helped troubleshoot many of the issues that have come up. The support Lucy has provided has been game changing for me and my business!

Nicole Panethere, Canada

Naturopathic Doctor

The positive impact that Len has had on me personally has been pretty broad. Until he and I got together, I never fully appreciated how much of an influence I could have on the company. 

He taught me not only about the importance of being a leader, but also, "how" to be an effective leader.

Myles Locke, USA

VP of Finance, Global

Indy is like the Yoda of coaching; insightful, calm and powerful. She took me, and my business from a state of being overwhelmed and paralyzed to being productive and living a life of my dreams. She is truly remarkable and whether you are in a state of being overwhelmed and paralyzed, or simply want to take your life from good to great I highly recommend working with her.

Dean Sanderson, Mexico

Photographer, Entrepreneur

Lucy's professional coaching services have been invaluable to our company and our team members. Foster Essence has directly improved our corporation's culture and nurtured positive vibes across the team. Highly recommended!

Jake Neiman, Canada

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Big Digital

Lucy Shenouda is a terrific coach who encourages you to think deeply about what you want, what's getting in the way and how to achieve your goals. She is supportive, thought provoking and quickly fostered a deep connection. I plan to work with her again.

Joanne Schlosser, USA


A tough subject to discuss in 90 minutes: "What does Gender Got to Do With It?". Len and Lucy stayed centred and facilitated a good session of deep democracy.

Absolutely loved it! It was a safe, in depth conversation were we were able to express  ourselves and share ideas, strategies and insights.


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