Life is fundamentally uncertain. We can’t always live in a blanket of predictability and order.

What we can do is to listen inward and foster a real conversation within. We can learn to be focused and poised for the unexpected no matter the circumstances, no matter the chaos, risks and flaws. Join Lucy Shenouda as she goes in-depth on choosing a ‘change mindset’ and navigating a world of unpredictability and disorder, towards having a real conversation within.

With the commitment to master A Red Mug Mindset, you’ll find the willpower to access the grit already in you. You’ll be given tools to identify your mental state, broaden your perspective, and take charge of your life and your inner conversation.

“…a true yoga practice for the mind – A Red Mug Mindset is something that you can refer to and put into practice at anytime.”
— Anita Kapadia

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During your Red Mug journey you will:
  • Explore the origin of the stories that have led to ingrained beliefs, habits and values.
  • Bring awareness to your mental state and the thoughts that often run rampant.
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to shift your attention from impulse to intuition.
  • Learn how to be conscious of your inner wisdom and the sensations of insight and best instinct.
  • Engage in Red Mug Pause questions to explore connections between your thoughts, feelings and actions.

The more present, aware and intentional you are, the more space you’ll create to make the best of the unexpected.

A Red Mug Mindset

I like to explore the mysteries of the mind through slowing down and seeing the story of life as it plays out before me. Let me tell you a true story, the origin for A Red Mug Mindset:

I ask him for a cup of water. He smiles as he fills and hands me a mug. And a red mug at that! For a moment, for just a few seconds, I pause. I slow down my breathing.

I reflect.

A mug, not a cup. I am given something other than what I ask for, what I expect, what I assume is right for me. In the breath before I react and default to rejecting what I’m offered, I find myself mentally receptive. I find myself accepting a red mug.

Curious. I thought I knew what I wanted. Yes, and I kinda like the idea of a red mug!

I smile back. I happily accept.

I am inspired by the words of Michael J. Fox: “My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.”

I believe we know and are given opportunities to challenge what we know. It’s a paradox: we know, and we don’t know. Yes, I know—and yes, I don’t know. We have a whole spectrum of choices from which to build our raw belief about ourselves and our world. There is much to learn in order to live and lead in a global mosaic; to fulfill our deepest wants, needs and potential.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything,” said George Bernard Shaw.

What is real and what is imagined converge when acceptance and a tolerance for change manifest possibilities beyond our imagination. Being fixed on just one way, one perspective, one choice is limiting.

I choose a change mindset. I choose to seek progress. I choose to accept a Red Mug. A Red Mug Mindset has come to symbolize for me the expanded choices offered in life. The choices I could not possibly anticipate. The unexpected choices.

Living with curiosity, tenacity and creativity opens the possibility of unexpected choices. The choices are both thrilling and chilling! As you expand your perspective, you’ll experience both opportunity and challenge. You’ll experience the expected and the unexpected. Even when you are unprepared, choices will be made. The more present, aware and intentional you are, the more space you’ll create to make the best of the unexpected. In the pages that follow are the three keys and strategies to mental flexibility and focus. Before you begin with these keys, I invite you to explore your own stories as I have done here. Reflect on the origin of the stories that have led to ingrained beliefs, habits and values that live in you today. ——————————————- Purchase A Red Mug Mindset for $9.00 to Read on!

“A Red Mug Mindset is most needed in today’s harried and busy world. Too often we get caught-up with being very busy at work and life in general, continuously trying to accomplish things, that we forget to ask ourselves if these activities are really of importance and meaningful. I really liked where you draw from the wisdom of others to add to the idea’s meaning, making it more insightful. I will plan and need to read it again, and again, and again. While the book takes a short time to read, the lessons will take a lifetime to remember and master. I highly recommend it to friends and colleagues.”
Abe Patricio, Senior Project Manager, Stantec, Toronto Canada

“A Red Mug Mindset provides valuable ideas and thought provoking questions. It can be read quickly, yet will take time to savor, think and respond to the intriguing questions posed. I also really appreciate Lucy’s use of acronyms like SPARK, ACE and STEP to engage the reader to remember and utilize key points.”
Joanne Schlosser, President, Rising Stars, Arizona USA

“While Lucy Shenouda has approached A Red Mug Mindset as a way to help individuals, I see many ways it can be applied to organizations. Resistance to change is arguably the greatest challenge I have faced in my career working in dynamic industries. It exists at both the employee and company levels. Lucy’s early passages describing the rationale for change is very effective and impactful. A Red Mug Mindset not only spells out the need for change, it provides the reader with ways to embrace it. The three keys are excellent. I really liked SPARK and can see how this practice would work well from a company perspective too.”
Danny Bottoms, Telecommunications CEO, Virginia, USA

“I was immediately pulled into A Red Mug Mindset, it paralleled yoga for me. The push and pull of challenge and opportunity from the unexpected is something we all experience, but when you really think about it – it always comes to practice. I especially appreciated the reminder to think and act outside of your comfort zone because that’s where progress is – and the reminder that creativity and perfection are not partners in crime – to be innovative, letting go of the notion of perfection is so necessary. Lucy does an amazing job of cohesively bringing to life a true yoga practice for the mind – A Red Mug Mindset is something that you can refer to and put into practice at anytime.”

Anita Kapadia, Partnership Director, Pressboard, Toronto Canada

“I love how you have approached [the unexpected] and the way you structured the book. It felt like being in conversation. The ease of the flow between story, content and the reflective questions allowed me to pause and engage. Thank you. You are a gift!”
Susan Neden, Visual Biographer & Founder, Telling Our Stories, BC Canada

“I enjoyed reading the Red Mug Mindset. Lucy has done a wonderful job taking her experience, insight and creativity and packaging it into this book. She does a great job of connecting the emotional and spiritual realms in way that is easy to read and understand. Her use of personal experiences are so well presented that they can resonate with anyone. Her “Red Mug Pause’s” are well positioned, simple yet powerful reflections that encourage growth at professional and personal levels. Thank you Lucy for having the courage to share your stories and present them to the universe.”

Steve Levecque, Owner, STL Consulting, Ottawa Canada

“A Red Mug Mindset is all about enriching awareness of the wisdom of our thoughts, feelings and instincts, or more succinctly, our head, heart and gut. It’s a small book that can create big spaces, emotional and physical, to reflect on who I am and expand my capacity to be more present and handle the unknown. I especially found the Red Mug pauses valuable – well-placed breaks in the book with straightforward and interesting questions to help connect the content to my personal experiences. A Red Mug Mindset presents a blend and flow of do-able structured practices, poignant ideas and truths from a variety of sources and encouragement to try the 3 keys to mental flexibility in my own way.”

Carol Lee, Program Coordinator, Knowledge Media Design Institute at University of Toronto, Canada

“A Red Mug Mindset’s concept is very creative. I plan to take the ‘Red Mug Pause’ approach into my day to day… a simple, gentle yet effective way to pause, reflect, take a deep breath and move on. Lucy Shenouda makes the reading interactive with the right questions after each section as well as providing areas to scribble our thoughts. The reading is not long and rich enough to deliver the message and provoke the mind. The quotes add to the real life experience with a mix of facts, science and knowledge. The practices and “wrap up” are very useful and provide an effective finish to a thought-provoking book.”

— Essam El Daly, Senior Business Development Leader, Visa, Cairo, Egypt

“A Red Mug Mindset is a delightful book! I love the meaning and image that is connected to the ‘red mug mindset’. Lucy Shenouda cleverly, yet succinctly wove together so many complex ideas and simplified them with her personal stories. A Red Mug Mindset is a great tool for anyone looking to be more thoughtful about the ways in which they move through the world.”

Wendy Pinder MHSc, Organizational Capacity Builder, Pinder-Doede Consulting Inc., Toronto, Canada

“Get a cuppa—a mug even—and give yourself the gift of a pause and conversation with storyteller Lucy Shenouda. Lucy’s stories will ease you into a journey to unfold your own stories. With beautiful images, powerful questions and plenty of places to take pause—expect to be delighted by the unexpected.”

Kerry Woodcock, HR Consultant – Change Specialist, City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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