Leading Change

In partnership with LeadingChangeSpecialists, we bring together leaders and teams to lead systemic change initiatives that significantly impact an organization’s Change Climate, Change Mindset and Change Culture.

Inspire Change

The more complex the change, the more change leadership is needed.

Lead and Manage Change.

Inspire True Urgency.

Change Climate.

Lead Transition

The larger the change vision, the larger a change network is needed.

Leader is a Shared Role.

Lead with Head, Heart and Gut.

Change Mindset.

Emerge Transformation

The greater the transformation, the greater change tolerance is needed.

Leadership is Multi-Dimensional. 

Emerge Change Tolerance.

Change Culture.

A leader who taps into the wisdom of their team and supports their team to do the same, creates a system that can respond to both internal and external change with agility and resilience. Systems-oriented leaders:

  • Focus on effective team engagement; efforts withstand turn-over, promotions and attrition
  • Navigate conflict with insight, intention and skill
  • Foster a learning approach to failure to instill greater trust, positivity and productivity

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We bring a systems-oriented approach to leadership coaching. Organizations are moving from the traditional hierarchical leadership model to that of systems-oriented leadership.

“Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.” ~ Jim Rohn

Meet Our

Lucy Shenouda

Lucy Shenouda


As an innovator and entrepreneur, Lucy provides team leadership, operational know-how and marketing expertise. She brings laser-like focus to coaching conversations, fostering a resilient and resourceful mindset and culture.

Kerry Woodcock

Kerry Woodcock


Kerry believes that change is an opportunity to move through transition with awareness, intentionally transforming our relationship with self, others and the world.

Our Advocates

“Amazingly held my attention for 3 full days and gave me lots of tools for application.”

Janet Cloud

VP Operations

“You two are exceptional! I admire the original thought leadership and integrative thinking you bring to your work.”

Marilyn Friedman

Management Consultant

“Lucy and Kerry, Thank you both for the great experience.The material, format and instruction were fantastic, offering significant value and insight.”

Mohamed Al-Borno

Principal Consultant

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Lucy Shenouda - PCC, CPCC, ORSCC 
CEO/Leadership Coach

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