Challenge: Unexpected

You are facing the unexpected each and every day. Unexpected challenges. Unimaginable odds. Uncertain outcomes. How well do you know the impact and influence you have on the contributions of others and your overall team culture?

When critical insight is openly shared, leaders and their teams make essential decisions based on solid feedback and information, vs faulty or incomplete input. Bridge the gap between impact and perception.

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Executive Coaching is an Art and a Science.

Leadership Circle Profile provides the Science. Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) is the only 360-degree assessment that measures both leadership competencies, and the inner assumptions that drive behaviour., LCP is your personal “MRI”.  In an instant, you’ll discover what you are doing. You’ll unpack why you are doing it. You’ll identify key challenges and opportunities for greater impact.

Executive Coaching by an accredited professional coach provides the Art. Executive Coaches are skilled in the art of listening deeply, holding the silence for introspection, and asking laser-focused questions. We help you to test your assumptions. We provoke creativity, and introduce models for problem solving. We uncover blind spots, and ask clarifying questions.

As a sounding board, your coach taps your innate knowledge and insight to self-observe and examine the unexamined. And, by uncovering underlying assumptions and self-limiting beliefs, you’ll start to become curious, courageous, choose differently, consciously. You’ll make better decisions.  

Coaching creates an environment where there is freedom from judgment. It is safe to question, and to appear vulnerable, in order to observe, and effectively explore, experiment, learn and change.

Leader effectiveness begins with greater self awareness. You take definitive steps towards an accountable way forward. We take quantum leaps towards accelerated results. Ask about our Leadership Culture Survey for teams.



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Shift perspectives, actions, beliefs.

Create positive and effective change.

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