Today’s word is inspired by the picture in this post. I imagined a young man or woman using the bicycle as a means to their livelihood, their life.

I see four words. Live, Lively, Hood, and Livelihood. Multiple meanings that connect to each other into one word.

Live – to be alive.

Lively – to be full of life, active and energetic.

Hood – several meanings and I choose the informal meaning of a place where we belong.

Livelihood – the essence of the word is “a means to securing the necessities of life.”

In today’s uncertain world, we are experiencing what it really means to secure the necessities of life … to live, to be active and energetic and to be in a place where we belong. Stay home. Stay safe. Work from home. The necessities of life.

It feels to me that what bonds us globally, is a fight. A cause worthy to fight for – our life.

Every experience we have, gets us to where we are and where we need to be. Every experience. So, when change in our lives, in our livelihood happens, what have we learned and what are we learning to move on, through, and to progress?

Get the essentials right. Wash your hands, regularly. Sanitize. Work from home. Keep your distance. Stay home, stay safe. Be socially responsible. Connect on a human level. Call (not email, not text) your mother, father, sister, brother, ….. aunt, uncle, friend ….. in which ever order you want!

Get the essentials right for the sake of our life.

What is your ‘Word of the Day’?

Just One Word.

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