The Challenge: Impact

Why is it important to understand the impact and influence you have on the performance of others and the culture at large?

The higher up you are, the more dependent you are on others for information, and you’re at greater risk that you won’t get the information, or if you do, it’s somehow biased or incomplete.

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Introducing The Diamond Power Index™, developed by Diamond Leadership.

The Diamond Power Index® (DPI) measures how leaders use power and authority within organizational roles.

The DPI is a multi-rater leadership assessment which helps optimize a leadership portfolio by measuring how effectively titled leaders use power—personal and positional—to achieve results, empower the people around them, and influence others up, down, across, and outside the organization. 

Power problems run across relations, not just up and down. Power dynamics on senior leadership teams, when leaders don’t collaborate, don’t share ideas, resources, and information, but are overly focused on their own budgets, people and projects, has a huge impact on productivity and profits.

By identifying vulnerabilities and strengths based on actual behaviours, we pinpoints immediate developmental opportunities.

  • Bridge the gap between impact and perception
  • Gain greater—and legitimate— organizational influence
  • Empower inspired human-centred cultures

    Strengths & Vulnerabilities

     The Diamond Power Index® helps organizations optimize leadership capacity by identifying critical opportunities and vulnerabilities related to the use, underuse or misuse of power in the workplace.

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