Being on the verge. It’s in your hands. Success and Failure. Which sign do you follow? Both success and failure are on the same path.

You can almost taste it, see it, feel it. So close. Venturing towards a milestone that represents so much more than time and energy spent, it’s heart and soul poured into a cause, a purpose with true meaning.

You’ve ventured into unknown paths, often times dark chasms lined with unseen possibilities and potentialities. The gems and jewels are there for the taking yet masked with a fog of uncertainty and ambiguity.

What drives us forward when there are so many unanswered questions, so many masks? I wonder.

Experience and wisdom teaches me each time. There’s the potential of both success and failure on the same path. The potential of either. We could wear the mask of success. We could wear the mask of failure. We wear both masks, hidden behind a paradoxical range of emotions – fear and excitement; terror and exhilaration.

Who wears the mask? Why wear a mask at all?

I have walked, continue to walk the path of success and failure. I have learned, continue to learn the path to purpose is marked and taken by leading with success and managing fast failures.

The masks have worn thin through by now, as successes keep us on the path forward and the fast failures take us in the long run to unbeaten and yet exciting routes.

Fast failures are those with risks, experimentation and accelerated learning and growth. No longer do we hedge our bets and take a back seat to the paths that scare us yet excite us at the same time.

By venturing into the unknown, we find places, people and discoveries that would otherwise pass us by. That would be a true shame. I’ve taken those uncertain paths with my eyes half closed and my senses alert. I’ve stumbled, fallen, dusted myself off and walked on further and faster than I thought humanly possible.

Being on the verge of success is equally being on the verge of failure. Aptly said by Morihei Ueshiba, “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.”

By being on the verge of success and failure, knowing we’ll encounter both, we venture into the unknown. We allow ourselves to be on the path of pure genius, and ultimately on the verge of purpose and true meaning.

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