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We partner with exemplary coaches and facilitators who bring real-world experience and a wide variety of coaching skills and tools. Our training and certification is with the best in the coaching profession – Coaches Training Institute, CRR Global, The Leadership Circle, The Emerson Suite, Diamond Leadership among others.
Indy Batth - MA, CEC, CNTC

Indy Batth - MA, CEC, CNTC

Leadership Coach, Facilitator & Educator

Superpower: Compassionate Change Catalyst

Indy Batth ignites the compassionate warrior in individuals, groups and organizations in service of a better world. She takes an ‘Inside Out’ approach, integrating frameworks of ‘love and power’ and instilling the belief that ‘everyone is a leader’. With over 20 years of experience working with leaders at all levels, Indy integrates the latest in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, power intelligence and mindfulness, within a context of social change.  Services are innovative and meant to disrupt systems and mindsets that divide people into ‘us and them’. Indy holds an M.A. in Education (Human Kinetics), is a Certified Executive Coach, with advanced training as a Neuro-Transformational Coach and Organization & Relationship Systems Coach. She is the Director of ikb Coaching & Consulting, and co-designer of the R&R for Life Stress Management Program.

Fun Fact: Indy paddled the Yukon River for 4 days arriving in Dawson City to enjoy the annual music festival.

Jessica Fraser

Jessica Fraser

Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker

Superpower: Provokes Thought, Sparks Action

Jessica believes every challenge is a test to see how badly you want what is on the other side. Getting to the heart of business, she leads teams and individuals through change. She transforms potential to empowered action. Jessica manages multimillion-dollar facilities and consistently exceeds sales targets. Her management and volunteer contributions along with associate development have yielded awards for herself and others, representing the top 3% of the company’s best performing associates. And, Jessica balances the wild life of a family that both inspire and support her daily. She is a mother, wife, daughter and a crazy passionate businesswoman. Jessica is an active participant in the FosterEssence Sparking the Leader Within program.

Fun Fact: Jessica went skydiving and loved every moment of it.

Len Rothman - MBA, MA

Len Rothman - MBA, MA

Leadership Coach

Superpower: Invites leaders to Lead as a Way of Life … in the Zone, in Flow

Len is a Master Certified Executive Coach and Trainer, Certified Higher Ground Coach and Certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach. He works with corporate leaders, executives and business owners to strategically address a variety of company, organizational, and personal and professional objectives. Len’s athletic background includes a gymnastics letter winner at Georgia Tech, more than 25,000 miles of road running, including three marathons, and three varsity sports in high school. He has coached an athlete in tennis and football. Len holds an MBA from Wharton Graduate School, an MA in psychology and organizational development from the University of West Georgia, and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Len is co-leader of the FosterEssence “Sparking the Leader Within program on the theme of “Diversity: What’s Gender Got to Do With It?”
Fun Fact: Trained to run marathons, run enough to go around the world once.
Sylvia Abergil - ORSCC

Sylvia Abergil - ORSCC

Relationship Coach

Superpower: Spirit Warrior

Over twenty years, Sylvia has established sustainable corporate relationships as a consultant and entrepreneur, built solely through referrals. She fosters visioning and understanding of what really matters and how to effectively address conflict, excess stress and difference with immediate, sustainable results. Sylvia’s experience, creativity, heart, insights, deep passion for diversity, combined with her unique training and intervention skills brings heightened awareness to the power and potential of human relationships. Sylvia is an accredited Relationship Systems Coach/Facilitator; Spiritual Teacher/Mentor and Reiki Master; and co-designer of the R&R for Life Stress Management ProgramVisit Sylvia’s Website.

Fun Fact: Sylvia met Pierre Trudeau during a trip in Ottawa during which he gave Sylvia his lapel red rose.

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