Discover your Real Impact

Discover your Real Impact 

Why is it important to know the real impact that you have on the contributions of others and your team culture?

It is essential to foster teams that bring their best thinking, creativity, and engagement, especially in re-imagining business and digital transformation. Yet, out of fear, protection, or feeling less valued or valuable, people may hold back their ideas and opinions.

When critical insight is openly shared, leaders and their teams make informed decisions based on solid feedback and information.

Bridge the gap between impact and perception.


Resilience & Agility

Humanize your workplace.



Energize your workplace.



Mobilize your workplace.

Leadership Coaching & Facilitation

Leadership Coaching & Facilitation

Navigate your most pressing workplace challenges. Activate tangible strategies for driving desired team and business outcomes. Leaders appreciate our strategic approach and customized solutions, driven by a deep understanding of the complexity and challenges facing professionals today, especially on the emergence of digital transformation.

Spark the Leader Within. Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct!

Essential Conversations

Essential Conversations

We believe that, more often than not, life is simpler than we make it out to be. Over the past ten years, leaders and their teams partner with us to foster essential conversations that disrupt complacency, getting to the heart of what really matters. We identify the struggles that matter; unfolding conflict several levels below the surface, creating a safe environment to learn together and progress through an aligned and shared purpose and culture.

Spark the Leader Within.

Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct!


Laser-Focused Approach


We bring a laser-focused approach, strategic acumen and innate ability to explore the unexamined. By fostering a safe learning environment, we unfold the blind spots and real issues not often voiced and are the key to progress. 


Spark the Leader Within. Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct!

Leading in a Global Mosaic: One Mosaic Piece at a Time

A Minority Everywhere I Go: Leading in A Global Mosaic by: Lucy Shenouda As I prepare to step into a new life, new role, new team in an ancient country and culture, I do so with a deep sense of self-assurance. This feeling is strong in spite of the objections of my...

Creative Tension

I am fascinated by language and words. I find joy understanding connections between concepts and ideas, thoughts and deeds. I am particularly intrigued by the concept of 'creative tension'. I believe creative tension is a key precursor to transformative change for...

The Stillness to Observe

We are facing the unexpected. Unexpected challenges. Unspeakable odds. Unimaginable loss. Be in the stillness to observe and notice what you are feeling, especially when autopilot is just not sustainable. We must pay attention. Be still. Pause within. Connect to what...

I Catch a Glimpse – A New Lens!

Lens There are a multitude of ways to perceive the world, using our eyes, our ears, our senses. Through various lenses, perspectives. We each process the world differently, in a continuous spectrum of shades that change over time. The pragmatic lens. The spiritual...

I Catch a Glimpse – My Livelihood!

Livelihood. Today's word is inspired by the picture in this post. I imagined a young man or woman using the bicycle as a means to their livelihood, their life. I see four words. Live, Lively, Hood, and Livelihood. Multiple meanings that connect to each other into one...

I Catch a Glimpse – It’s Elusive!

Ever since the 23rd of March 2020, I catch a glimpse through a word. Just One Word. It carries me through the day. This word comes from thoughtful reflection in solitude or shared in conversation. This daily practice helps me to connect to a thought, signal, mantra....

Strategic Imperative: Recognizing the Human System of Teams

Do team’s have heart & will? Do teams have laughter, joy, celebration? Could teams feel sad, lonely and estranged? Firmly believing that a team has each of a human’s vital organs, a system in its own right, expands our view of the human experience at work....

The Quest for Creativity – Flaws and All

The path to creativity unfolds in various ways over a lifetime of experiences, flaws et all. In Part 2 of this series, I write about the risks of creativity - how being a hostage to certainty disrupts creativity. I have learned that with creative resourcefulness, we...

The Quest for Creativity – Risks and All

The quest for creativity is a lifelong learning process, risks and all. The sheer potential for creativity, in my view, is immense no matter the discomfort in the pursuit. I now lean in on what I learned as a child - to pursue creativity with a bucket load of...

The Quest for Creativity – Chaos and All

The quest for creativity is exquisite to witness through the eyes of a child. Chaos and all. There's an openness to discovery. There's a courageous pursuit to explore outrageous ideas. There's glee in getting hands dirty, just revelling in the joy of creation....

We help you navigate your most pressing workplace challenges and activate tangible strategies for driving desired team and business outcomes.

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