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We customize one-to-one, team and group coaching programs that strengthen personal and professional potential, team engagement and business results.
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Lunch & Learns. Time Effective.

Lunch & Learns are onsite learning opportunities during mid-day lunch breaks. Sessions provide integrative learning tools and practices. Participants build focus, resilience and responsiveness when day-to-day stress, unhealthy conflict, missed opportunities and difficult relationships threaten to get the better of us!


Introductory Interactive Sessions:


Duration: 90 minutes per session

Venue: Onsite meeting room

Attendance: Maximum of 12 people per session

Time: Scheduled between 11:30am – 3:00pm

Customized themed sessions are matched to your specific learning objectives. Key topics:


Sessions lead to action strategies that move you, your team and business towards meaningful and actionable change.



Learn action strategies.

Create positive and effective change.

Program Impact

“You have really helped me get through those moments of being stuck and provided some brilliant resources. It is all coming together and you have been a huge element of that.”

Jessica Fraser, General Manager

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

“Lucy did a great job of facilitating - very inclusive, built rapport easily, warm and professional. Thank you Lucy for supporting our group! I wish you every success!”

Jeanine Bailey, Director

Doha, Qatar

“Lucy Shenouda is a terrific coach who encourages you to think deeply about what you want, what's getting in the way and how to achieve your goals. She is supportive, thought provoking.”

Joanne Schlosser, President

Arizona USA

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