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For a focused and definitive amount of time you have a dedicated business professional providing:

Marketing & Branding Consultation for start-up businesses;

Professional Training on topics related to marketing, branding, leadership development and team development;

Professional Coaching for business leaders, mastermind groups and leadership teams.

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Sparking the Leader Within

What’s your Superpower?

There is a significant shift in organizations towards leadership by influence and leader self-selection vs. command & control leadership.

Leaders come from all parts of an organization and not exclusively from titled leaders. Our professional business services feature Sparking the Leader Within as a signature program offering and a core outcome. We aim to inspire a shift in perspective, a mindset shift in being conscious and intentional in how leaders and teams can show up as self-selected, influential leaders in their own right.

Spark a mindset shift from being reactive to being receptive, responsive and change capable.

Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct™

Program Impact

Lucy taught me that self-awareness and discovery are an important if not necessary part of learning how to lead and make an impact. Not only did I become self aware, but also aware of others and their life journey experience. Lucy celebrates everyone by asking "Everyone has a story, what's yours?


Business Analyst, Technology & Communications

Just wanted to send a quick note thanking you. I just had an amazing meeting with one of my contacts who just got a significant promotion ... he is interested in creating a position for me! I am excited and energized in a way I haven't been for some time. This is the perfect lead-in to the meetings I've lined up for next week. Our conversations helped me articulate what I love doing and what I do not. Thank you - as always!

RT, Chicago USA

Principal / Executive-Level, Real Estate Industry

The programs offered by FosterEssence have had a huge impact on my business. Participating in the Mastermind group has given my business a clear direction and has helped troubleshoot many of the issues that have come up. The support Lucy has provided has been game changing for me and my business!

N.P., Whitby, CANADA

Business Owner, Healthcare

There have been so many valuable 'ah-ha' moments, moments that show opportunities for growth, the importance of reflection, validating directions, demonstrating the value for taking time to be slow and diligent, but the most important overarching theme is the calm and peace that comes with each of those realizations. It makes taking action so much easier and with greater result.

BP, Colorado, USA

Project Manager, Construction

Lucy's professional coaching services have been invaluable to our company and our team members. FosterEssence has directly improved our corporation's culture and nurtured positive vibes across the team. Highly recommended!

JN, Toronto CANADA

Managing Partner, Technology & Digital Marketing

Thank you Lucy. I will never forget how much you helped during one of the lowest points of my career and life last year. You were a true gift and I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and mentor ship. Thank you again!

BM, Chicago USA

Finance Manager, Real Estate & Construction

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