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Navigate your most pressing workplace challenges. Teams appreciate our laser-focused approach, strategic acumen and innate ability to explore the unexamined.


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“Empower Creativity and Innovation. Make the Best of the Unexpected.

Team development is an experience that allows a team to work creatively toward goals, remaining innovative, and adapting quickly to internal and external change. Making the best of the unexpected.

We aim to spark a shift in perspective, a team mindset shift in being conscious and intentional in how a team works towards a shared purpose. With team coaching, we work together through an organic, co-creative and reflective process. We empower team dynamics and relationships in a way that inspires them to maximize their differentiating abilities and potential in order to reach shared purpose.

Spark a Mindset Shift from Being Reactive to Being Receptive, Responsive and Change-Capable.

Spark the Team Within. Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct™

What people say ...

Lucy taught me that self-awareness and discovery are an important if not necessary part of learning how to lead and make an impact. Not only did I become self aware, but also aware of others and their life journey experience. 


Business Analyst, Technology & Communications

Our conversations helped me articulate what I love doing and what I do not. Thank you - as always!

RT, Chicago USA

Principal / Executive-Level, Real Estate

The programs offered by FosterEssence have had a huge impact on my business. Participating in the Mastermind group has given my business a clear direction and has helped troubleshoot many of the issues that have come up. 

N.P., Whitby, CANADA

Business Owner, Healthcare

The overarching theme is the calm and peace with each realization...taking action so much easier.

BP, Colorado, USA

Project Manager, Construction

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