Leadership Resilience

Individual performance and team engagement can be affected by our state of mind. Shift from a reactive to a resilient mindset.
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Be Your Personal Best. 


Respond With Real Effectiveness.


Be Change-Capable.

Leader Resilience. Clarified.

It is difficult to persevere through stress and overcome negative self-talk; the stories we create as we face daily stress, confusion and uncertainty!

You may be experiencing challenging ‘command & control’ leadership styles and increased difficulties in coping with the pace of change.

Cultivating Leaders with GRIT™ is a dynamic interactive toolkit that reveals effective behaviours and attitudes of resilient leaders.

Each session uncovers a change challenge. Deepening coaching exercises get to the heart of what matters most.

Uncover underlying assumptions and belief systems that impact your behaviour and results.

The GRIT Toolkit provides supportive strength and challenge exercises in a structured and intuitive format.

Available in one-to-one, team and group coaching formats.


Realize your full potential. Create positive and effective change.

Meet Our

Lucy Shenouda

Lucy Shenouda

Principal / Professional Coach CPCC ORSCC PCC

As an innovator and entrepreneur, Lucy provides team leadership, operational know-how and marketing expertise. She brings laser-like focus and fosters a resilient and resourceful mindset.

Beth Craig

Beth Craig

President, Be Novel Inc.

Beth excels at tracking the latest marketing trends, helping clients stay on top of what is needed to engage customers, excite sales teams and measure results.

Our Impact

“I found it so remarkable how your questions allowed the participants to feel at ease and share their thoughts and challenges and breakout out to where we see our strengths.”

“I really enjoyed participating. It was one of the only times I went home and talked to family and friends about a team building exercise.”

“The skills learned through coaching lead me to greater productivity, better agility, increased flexibility and a clear direction.”

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Lucy Shenouda - PCC, CPCC, ORSCC 
CEO/Leadership Coach

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