Challenge: Blind Spots

Results can be adversely affected when unconscious protective tendencies permeate otherwise progressive environments.


 How do you show up as a leader who cultivates real and courageous conversations on “What’s truly at Stake?” 

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Foster Inner & Outer Courage

Do you find it difficult to have a real conversation about risks and change, professionally and personally? 

It’s tough to overcome negative self-talk; the oftentimes unfortunate fake news we hear within and through others as we face daily unhealthy stress, confusion and uncertainty! Having conversation, let alone a real conversation on what challenges us the most, is a lost art. 

You may be experiencing challenging ‘command & control’ leadership styles that break down teams. You may feel increased difficulty coping with the pace of change. You may find yourself and team members at a stalemate, reacting and yet not getting anywhere worthwhile!

At FosterEssence, we built a structured program to “Cultivate Leaders with GRIT”. We help you to navigate risk and opportunity, to persevere and stay true to your self through pressure and strain.

A dynamic interactive toolkit, Cultivating Leaders with GRIT™:

  • Unfolds a change challenge
  • Gets to the heart of challenge & opportunity
  • Uncovers limiting underlying assumptions and beliefs
  • Reveals effective behaviours and attitudes of curiousity & courage
  • Provides supportive strength and challenge exercises in a structured and intuitive format. 





    Realize your full potential.

     Cultivate the potential of others.

    Create positive and effective change.


    “I found it so remarkable how your questions allowed the participants to feel at ease and share their thoughts and challenges and breakout out to where we see our strengths.”

    “I really enjoyed participating. It was one of the only times I went home and talked to family and friends about a team building exercise.”

    “The skills learned through coaching lead me to greater productivity, better agility, increased flexibility and a clear direction.”

    We help you navigate your most pressing workplace challenges and activate tangible strategies for driving desired team and business outcomes.

    Complete the contact form and include your specific workplace challenge. We will respond with a targeted resource and an invitation to a schedule a complimentary strategy session.

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