Learn to manage unhealthy stress.

Online Stress Management Program

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About The 6 Week Online Program

R&R for Life is a Comprehensive Online Stress Management Program.

Each week you’ll receive the top, proven stress management resources available. Resources include videos, readings and exercises for work, rest and play!

You’ll immediately begin learning to identify and reduce unhealthy stress in your workplace and home. And, you’ll rediscover healthy stress that motivates and propels you forward. Click here for a program FAQ.

Over 2 Hours of Learning Each Week!

Professionally Recorded Video Guides.

Readings & Articles from Published Experts.

Simple and Proven Stress Management Exercises.

Exclusive Facebook Group

As of 2017, we’re inviting all participants to join in our Exclusive Facebook discussion group.

Once in the group you’ll be networking and building relationships with professionals across various industries. You’ll also have access to leading stress management experts.

Improve Your Work-Life Balance With Some R&R


Build awareness of good, bad and excessive stress


Heighten capacity to navigate an overactive brain


Shift from being hijacked by stress to taking charge


Build on and reclaim your resilience muscle.

Meet The Experts

Lucy Shenouda

As an innovator and entrepreneur, Lucy provides team leadership, operational know-how and marketing expertise. She brings laser-like focus to coaching conversations, fostering a resilient and resourceful mindset and culture.

Sylvia Abergil

Sylvia awakens and inspires people to step into their self-authority, to embrace the full expression of their true self while bringing heightened awareness to the power and potential of human relationships.

Indy Batth

Indy integrates the latest in neuroscience and emotional intelligence, taking an inside-out approach to personal, social and professional transformation in a world desperate for a different way of being.

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