We are facing the unexpected. Unexpected challenges. Unspeakable odds. Unimaginable loss.

Be in the stillness to observe and notice what you are feeling, especially when autopilot is just not sustainable. We must pay attention. Be still. Pause within. Connect to what matters most.

Each day the unexpected, the unspeakable, the unimaginable is a part of our day through the news we hear, the conversations we have, the real day-to-day experience of a pandemic.

I have realized that I can hold on to just so much of the unexpected, that taking one moment at a time, one challenge at a time is essential to my health, and sanity!

My inner Sage says: “Be present. Right now. What do you notice?”

So, when this moment calls me to be present and respond. I realize: this moment is for the future. I call myself forth from uncertainty, to stillness & agility. I notice that I have to be still, to be in touch with my head, my heart and my gut.

Be present. Right now.

What do you notice?

A lesson in the learning: To effectively navigate today’s unknowns, we need both stillness & agility.

The agility to observe before we move, to take deliberate and vigilant steps forward, especially when safety and health is at the forefront of our minds each and every day. Be nimble, agile.

Discern: What’s the next micro-step? Choose. You are quite possibly making the most important decisions in your personal and professional life.

In the stillness … what do you observe?

How do you make the best of the unexpected?

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