Disrupt Workplace Complacency

We partner with people & culture leaders to foster the essential conversations that disrupt workplace complacency.

Elevate leader and team responsiveness and change-capability.

Bridge the Gap Between Impact and Perception

Bridge the Gap between Impact and Perception

Optimize Leadership Capacity.

Demonstrate greater — and recognized —  organizational influence.

Empower inspired human-centred team cultures.

Discover your Leaders' Real Impact

Discover your Real Impact 

Why is it important to know your real impact?

You’re at risk that assumptions and missed expectations rule your day! 

Explore your Inner Impact

Foster Best Thinking 

It is essential to foster best thinking and creativity. Yet, out of fear, control or protection, people may hold back.

Surrendering to what’s not within our control brings focused attention.

Know your Real Impact

Know your Real Impact 

It is essential to foster teams that bring their best thinking and creativity. Yet, out of fear, protection, or feeling less valued or valuable, people may hold back.

Get deeper into the source of information needed to make informed decisions.

Leadership Capacity

Leadership Capacity


We bring a laser-focused approach, strategic acumen and innate ability to explore the unexamined. 

Fostering a brave learning environment, we unfold the blind spots and real issues not often voiced and are the key to progress.


Spark the Leader Within. Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct!

Team Coaching

Team Capability

Navigate your most pressing team challenges. Activate tangible strategies for driving value creation. Align toward goals. Empower creativity and innovation. Adapt quickly to internal and external challenges.

Spark the Team Within. Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct!

Brand Differentiation

Brand Differentiation

Brands, differentiated brands, are built by teams who disrupt the status quo, who mobilize for an emerging future.

Over the past ten years, leaders and their teams partner with us to foster essential conversations that disrupt complacency, getting to the heart of what really matters. 

We identify the opportunities and struggles that matter, creating a safe environment to learn together and progress through shared purpose and a differentiated team culture.

Spark the Brand Within. Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct!

One Mosaic Piece at a Time: We are Sisters. We are Family.

As I awaken, I look upward. My vision is out of focus. My sight gradually clears. I see a beautiful woman with bright, smiling blue eyes. She’s wearing a surgical cap. I am unable to speak. I hear her say to me: “We are sisters.” She is speaking Arabic, Egyptian...

Leading in a Global Mosaic: I Know and I Don’t Know

“Are we where we are supposed to be? How do we know? The way forward is hidden, I cannot see around the bend! Is this the path I am meant to take now? How do I know?” The choices we make living globally are plagued with these types of questions and inner musings. “How...

Leading in a Global Mosaic: Fullness and Stillness of Life

I stand in my room. Very still. There was a lot of clattering and activity over the past few days. In this moment, there’s quiet.  I actually feel and hear the stillness. I feel a deep sadness within. I stay still. I remember. We are moving. I know we are moving away....

Leading in a Global Mosaic: Courage and Conviction are My Allies

I feel excited and simultaneously hear virtual alarm bells. I’ve worked for this opportunity and here it is. Here it is! Now what?! I only begin to digest the news. The news I receive is the ultimate privilege for a senior manager at a national advertising agency. It...

Leading in a Global Mosaic: Curiosity & Courage are My Guides

I am halfway to somewhere. I wake up disoriented, forgetting for a moment where I am. I feel a deep quiet within, a serene feeling brought on by the early sounds of nature and the rustic cosy cabin-like decor. The inner fog slowly clears.  I am in a tranquil...

Leading in a Global Mosaic: One Mosaic Piece at a Time

As I prepare to step into a new life, new role, new team in an ancient country and culture, I do so with a deep sense of self-assurance. This feeling is strong in spite of the objections of my family, quite vocal in their protests. For them, I am taking a ‘backwards...

Creative Tension

I am fascinated by language and words. I find joy understanding connections between concepts and ideas, thoughts and deeds. I am particularly intrigued by the concept of 'creative tension'. I believe creative tension is a key precursor to transformative change for...

The Stillness to Observe

We are facing the unexpected. Unexpected challenges. Unspeakable odds. Unimaginable loss. Be in the stillness to observe and notice what you are feeling, especially when autopilot is just not sustainable. We must pay attention. Be still. Pause within. Connect to what...

I Catch a Glimpse – A New Lens!

Lens There are a multitude of ways to perceive the world, using our eyes, our ears, our senses. Through various lenses, perspectives. We each process the world differently, in a continuous spectrum of shades that change over time. The pragmatic lens. The spiritual...

I Catch a Glimpse – My Livelihood!

Livelihood. Today's word is inspired by the picture in this post. I imagined a young man or woman using the bicycle as a means to their livelihood, their life. I see four words. Live, Lively, Hood, and Livelihood. Multiple meanings that connect to each other into one...


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We help you navigate your most pressing workplace challenges and activate tangible strategies for driving value creation.

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