Foster A Real Conversation.

Change happens when we foster A Real Conversation. How do we foster a real conversation? We start with having a real conversation within.


Be Your Personal Best. 


Respond With Real Effectiveness.


Be Change-Capable.

From Complicity to Simplicity

Complicity? We have all been complicit. At some point. Complicit to not showing up as our true selves. Complicit with our inner critic voice. Complicit to present ourselves as less than who we are, truly. We all have something special within us, a leader within. A Superpower.

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“…a true yoga practice for the mind – A Red Mug Mindset is something that you can refer to and put into practice at anytime.”
— Anita Kapadia
Learn to navigate a world of unpredictability and disorder. Join Lucy Shenouda as she goes in-depth on choosing a ‘change mindset’.

With the commitment to master a Red Mug Mindset, you’ll find the willpower to access the grit already in you. Identify your mental state. Broaden your perspective. Take charge of your life!

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The Busy Mind

The Busy Mind

Slow Down Your Thoughts Are you busy today? Do you feel and think: "I'm busy!!" The thoughts in your mind spinning, rotating from thought to thought without real action or true movement!? The Busy Mind is at work. In those moments, when caught in a busy mindset, I...

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Creative Tension

Creative Tension

Language and words fascinate me. I find joy in understanding the connections between concepts and ideas. Between thoughts and deeds. I am particularly intrigued by the concept of 'creative tension'. For me, creative tension is a key precursor to transformative change...

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