Pack Your Patience

It’s that time of year, again. Time to get back to ‘the routine’. Time to ramp up the pace. It’s also a time we say: “Summer’s over!” with a deep-seated sense of reluctance. It’s as though we are getting ready to pack it in, to move on to another season before it’s...

Understood. Copy That. 10-4

I take a break. I stare out the window. From the outside, my eyes seem to be drawn outward. In reality, my vision is drawn inward. My thoughts introspective. I shift my gaze to the right. I see a man. He is wearing a blue ball cap, blue jeans, blue sneakers, blue...


I want to experience camaraderie. I want to inspire camaraderie. I walk into the boardroom, presentation in hand, excited to begin. I look around at expectant faces and feel an onslaught of mixed emotions.  I am about to present my topic 'camaraderie', a collection of...

Opening New Doors

The people in the organization that bring curiousity into conversation open new doors. They start the process of setting the bar of excellence. The persistence in digging deeper, challenging the status quo and doing so with a true sense of urgency; these are leaders...

Do we raise the bar?

The visionaries who raise the bar in their chosen fields walk converging paths marked with hope and fear. As they do new things, they win, they fail, they learn, they win again, fail again and continue on their journey resilient to the obstacles they may pass along...

Polarizing Views

Paul Bloom said: “Enjoying fiction requires a shift in selfhood. You give up your own identity and try on the identities of other people, adopting their perspectives so as to share their experiences. This allows us to enjoy fictional events that would shock and sadden...

What’s At Stake?

What's at Stake? Missing my deadline. I really dislike missing deadlines. In this very moment, I openly confess to having writer’s block and the deadline is looming. I'm stuck! I want and look for inspiration. So, I seek refuge in a place proven to bridge me to...

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Lucy Shenouda - PCC, CPCC, ORSCC 
CEO/Leadership Coach

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