What’s the way to a team’s heart?

What’s the way to a team’s heart? Do team’s have heart?! Do teams have laughter, joy, celebration? Yes! Firmly believing that a team has all of a human’s vital organs, a system in its own right is fundamental to building resilient teams. Teams do have a personality...

At the Boarding Gate. Sublime.

At the boarding gate while awaiting a flight somewhere new, someplace different yet familiar, I want to freeze time. I want to be in the moment for as long as possible. I want to savour the mystery, to visualize my highest dream of the adventure to come. Sublime. I...

Pack Your Patience

It’s that time of year, again. Time to get back to ‘the routine’. Time to ramp up the pace. It’s also a time we say: “Summer’s over!” with a deep-seated sense of reluctance. It’s as though we are getting ready to pack it in, to move on to another season before it’s...

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