Creative Tension

Language and words fascinate me. I find joy in understanding the connections between concepts and ideas. Between thoughts and deeds. I am particularly intrigued by the concept of 'creative tension'. For me, creative tension is a key precursor to transformative change...

Slow Down. Pack Your Patience.

It's hard to slow down at any time of the year, to practice patience. And, it's particularly hard during a change of seasons. Real and metaphoric. And, it’s that time of year, again. Back to school. Back to work ... well, we were still working and at a slower pace for...

What’s the way to a team’s heart?

What’s the way to a team’s heart? Do team’s have heart?! Do teams have laughter, joy, celebration? Yes! Firmly believing that a team has all of a human’s vital organs, a system in its own right is fundamental to building resilient teams. Teams do have a personality...

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