Our Mission is to Foster Essential Conversations that Disrupt Workplace Complacency. Getting to the Heart of what Really Matters.


Founded June 2010, FosterEssence provides professional coaching, training and facilitation programs. Our vision is to be an influencer of change conversations that mobilize people to self-select as leaders of the emerging future. Our programs serve to challenge the status quo, to inspire collective ownership of a shared purpose, and to empower creativity and innovation in re-imagining business for future-fit inclusive organizations.

We take a systems-oriented, strengths-based and science-backed approach to leadership coaching, team coaching and facilitation. Starting with a consultative needs assessment, we identify specific gaps impeding progress to determine the scope of work and journey map desired outcomes. Our solutions blend professional coaching and facilitation. We ask strategic questions, shed light on unexamined blind spots, and integrate a leader and team development plan. 

    Our Motto: Spark the Leader Within. Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct™
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    Resilience & Agility








    Everyone is a Leader

    We believe that no matter the title, everyone is a leader. Leadership is a mindset, a role that belongs to the team, the system and across stakeholders and stakeholder groups.

    The Human Side of Leadership

    There are days when the human side of leadership is compromised, overlooked. We believe that, more often than not, life is simpler than we make it out to be. Over the past ten years, leaders and their teams partner with us to foster essential conversations that disrupt complacency, getting to the heart of what really matters. We identify the struggles that matter; unfolding conflict several levels below the surface, creating a safe environment to learn and progress together.

    Programs are practical and experiential in nature:

    • Create movement and connection. We get you out of your head and more into head, heart & gut
    • Recognize interconnected levels; person & system, context & role
    • Expand openness from blame & shame to what is emerging:“What’s wanting to happen?” vs. “Who’s doing what to whom?”

    We custom design learning programs that blend coaching and facilitation, integrating learning at multiple levels – knowledge, insight, intention & skill. Our learning and impact matrix provides a structure to identify learning needs and to develop a personal and team development plan.

    Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct™

    Our programs are built on key foundations:

    • We each possess the capacity for self-belief, self-trust and self-worth

    • Leadership, beyond functional titles, is a role that belongs to the system, to each individual on a team

    • Conflict is a springboard to change, healthy conflict allows diverse voices to be heard, intentions to be aligned and shared purpose to be served.


    Learning & Development


    Self & System Awareness


    Purpose & Contribution


    Impact & Influence

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