Our Approach

We blend real-world experience with a wide variety of professional development tools to Foster Real Conversations™.


Our training and certification is with the best in the coaching profession – Coaches Training Institute, CRR Global, The Leadership Circle, The Emerson Suite, Diamond Leadership among others. Blending coaching, mentoring and training is at the core of why program designs and delivery are relevant, meaningful and transformational.


Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct™

As a manager, you are a leader. You are a leader of processes, technology, people, all of the above! Perhaps you are a self-selected leader. We want to work with you on the people-side of leadership.

As a leader, you have responsiblities, influence, accountabilities. And, there are moments, perhaps even days, of being reactive to excessive stress and overwhelm.

There are days when the human side of leadership is compromised, overlooked. It’s time to take action.

Be more receptive, more responsive, more change capable. At the core, deep down, you just want to get to the heart of what really matters, and get on with things!

Our approach is to foster learning and change through what we experience together as ‘real’ conversations. Conversations about your leader influence and power and move towards alignment to deepest held values and purpose.

Programs are practical and experiential in nature.

  • Create movement and connection. We get you out of your head and more into head, heart & gut
  • Recognize interconnected levels; person & system, context & role. We reflect back what we notice to reveal learning and insight at multiple levels.
  • Expand openness to what is emerging:“What’s wanting to happen?” vs. “Who’s doing what to whom?”


We design learning programs that blend coaching, mentoring and training, ensuring learning at multiple levels – knowledge, insight, intention & skill.

Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct™

Our programs are built on three key foundations:

  • We all possess the capacity for self-belief, self-trust and self-worth, knowing what is best for ourselves.

  • Leadership, beyond functional titles, is a role that belongs to the system, to the team.

  • Conflict is a springboard to change, healthy conflict is necessary and needed.


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‘Aha’ Moments


Presence & Attention


Strengths & Talents

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