The visionaries who raise the bar in their chosen fields walk converging paths marked with hope and fear. As they do new things, they win, they fail, they learn, they win again, fail again and continue on their journey resilient to the obstacles they may pass along the way.

These visionaries open new doors to walk the virgin fertile trails, swatting branches aside and forging paths, swerving in various directions as they lead the way. Change leaders take their path with an insatiable curiosity for what’s next, asking at each crossroad: “Are we raising the bar?”

Posing the question ‘Are we raising the bar?’ seen through the lens of curiosity gets leaders to a higher standard of excellence. By actively and consistently unlocking, expanding and deepening their curiosity, change leaders open new doors to places otherwise left undiscovered time and time again! As each new path is forged and treasures are unearthed, a rigour infuses change leaders to actively raise the bar for that next shiny jewel.

How else are visions realized? How else do we find the energy, the drive, the sheer determination when faced with naysayers, critics and stumbling blocks? We have learned that the path comes with a deep-seated belief in a big vision, coupled with walking the convergent paths of hope and fear, curiosity and courage.

  • Who sets the bar?
  • What is the ‘bar’ anyway?!
  • What’s so important about raising the bar?

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